RICOCHET 1 focuses on aspects of performance and architecture and the actuality of presence. Two discussants Sarah Akigbogun and Florencia Collo will entice responses from the audience by presenting works in progress; these range from actual performance acts, as in theatre, to the technical and architectural aspects of performance in the presence of assembled bodies and materials.


Theatre without walls: No Proscenium Arches Please  

What possibilities are opened up if one considers theatre as something that can happen anywhere? Appropri8’s interests lie in liberating theatre from its traditional spaces and exploring the potential this creates at the architectural and urban scales. We are interested in constructing narrative, activating dead spaces, creating communities and taking theatre to new places. The presentation includes a work in progress extract from ‘House’, part of the ‘Urban Histories’ series which explores themes of the city and memory.

Sarah Akigbogun, Architect, BSc Arch Eng AAdpl ARB RIBA, MA Central St Martins studio aki | appropri8



Syncing architecture with environmental technology

Atmos lab consults architects using environmental science to design out machinery. The technology available nowadays to evaluate the environmental conditions of a project is far ahead of its current architectural exploitation. The challenge lies in how to bring the artistic license into a world of data, how to convey the physical sensitivity with architectural language. Our endeavour is to curate the scientific evidence to make its architectural use become thinkable.

The presentation will cover some of our latest work, both with an industry validated firm and with cult architects.

Florencia Collo, DipArch AAMSc, Director atmoslab www.atmoslab.io


The RICOCHET series is a platform for AA Members & alumni to bring works in progress to the school to be put under scrutiny by students and colleagues. Intended as an intensive discussion and exchange of ideas, RICOCHET assembles the AA’s bodies, humours and brains to exercise in the immersive environment of architectural gymnastics. Discussions themes are generated by proposals selected from a pool of submissions to the RICOCHET open calls. Watch out for the next RICOCHET 2 call for proposals in December 2018.