Remembering Patrick Hodgkinson


A Celebration Organised by the Hodgkinson Family in Association with the AA

An informal event hosted by the AA in association with the Hodgkinson family which celebrates the life and work of Patrick Hodgkinson (1930–2016) – perhaps the most adept of an extremely accomplished student cohort that joined the AA in the 1950s, and who later, working with Leslie Martin, excelled as the project architect of Harvey Court, Cambridge, before going on to establish his own office around the commission for the Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury. From the mid-1970s onwards Hodgkinson’s career moved into academia, teaching at the AA, Cornell, and ultimately at Bath, where he proved to be a charismatic and enormously influential figure for an emerging generation of English architects. The event will be structured around a high tea, and will feature a number of informal speeches by Hodgkinson’s friends, colleagues and former students, as well as images of his life and work.

This is an open event and attendees are asked to RSVP at their earliest convenience by completing the form below.