Nigel Coates Exhibition Talk

Join architect and AA alumnus Nigel Coates as he talks through his current exhibition Nigel Coates: David in Voxtacity at Betts Project.

The works in David in Voxtacity emerge from a theoretical environment Coates calls Voxtacity which revives the area of Vauxhall in London, as a pleasure garden in the more recent tradition of the expo or the theme park.

The exhibition comprises of a series of paper sculptures and watercolours portraying a collection of buildings and pavilions that epitomise the historic layout of the eighteenth century gardens. Each of these abstractions is a variation of Michelangelo’s iconic figure and explore how the three levels of a building can generate fluid humanistic connotations.

Meet at 6:25pm at Betts Project, 100 Central St, London EC1V 8AJ. A glass of wine will be served on arrival. Find out more about Betts Project.

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Image: David No.6, 2019, Nigel Coates, courtesy of Betts Project