1000 Forms of Dumplings – Celebrating 2020 Lunar New Year at the AA

As the symbol of family reunion and good fortune, dumplings are the stars of any table for a celebratory Lunar New Year. While the symbolic meaning may be shared across cultures, the form of dumplings has been transformed in different cuisines. This year at the AA we will gather with our creative minds and hands to explore the art of wrapping and celebrate the diversity of the AA community through the making of dumplings. There will be small prizes for those who get the lucky bites! We will name and document the dumplings so please be prepared for the photo-shooting and drawing session for your own creation.

The event is organised by the AA Chinese Alumni Group and coincides with Jury in Translation as part of the wider Architecture in Translation project. While the Jury in Translation celebrates the wealth embedded in different linguistic and cultural contexts in the production and dissemination of ideas, discourse and debate in architecture, the Lunar New Year celebration explores another dimension of translation through creating an immersive context – the transformed space, the sound, the smell, the colour and the act of beating rice cakes together are all non-linguistic forms of translation.

As a ticketed event a contribution of £15 is required to cover the costs involved. Your contribution grants you access and includes food and one free drink. There will also be a cash bar available.



The evening will include dumpling making, rice cake beating, food, drink and  Karaoke. .


The event is open to all (students/alumni/members/public wishing to connect) but booking is essential. Make your contribution and book your ticket using the form below.


Co-curated by Chen Zhan, AA Dipl and Jingru (Cyan) Cheng, AA PhD & M.Phil

Image credit: Painting by Andrea Goh, AA PhD Candidate; Composed by Chen Zhan, AA Dipl.