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AA XX 100: Women In Architecture 1975-2015

Forty years ago in August 1975 Monica Pidgeon, the editor of Architectural Design, was ‘egged on by young women libber’s at the AA’ to produce a special issue on Women in Architecture. AA XX 100 will be marking its 40th anniversary with a day long seminar celebrating women’s creativity and ingenuity.

AA Staff, students and members will be showcasing their work. Speakers include: Yasmin Shariff, Julia Barfield, Paul Warner, Helen Castle, Peter Murray, Barbara Goldstein, Clare Devine, Lucy Bullivant, Helaine Blumenfeld, Mary Bowman, Eva Alvarez, Judit Kimpian, Eleanor Gawne, Ed Bottoms, Mariagiulia Bennicelli, Kate Macintosh, Santa Raymond & Nuria Alvarez.

The event is free all AA Members and non-members to attend but booking is essential.

The seminar is part of AA XX 100: Celebrating 100 Years of Women at the Architectural Association.