architecture of doom

Members’ Screening: The Architecture of Doom

Join us for an exclusive screening of The Architecture of Doom, a film by Peter Cohen.

Cohen postulates a theory that the Third Reich’s obsessive pursuit of an ideal society was in part a fulfilment of its leaders’ own aborted creative careers. Using archival footage underscoring National Socialism’s obsession with purity and order, and contrasting it with the so-called “degenerate” work of the German avant garde, Cohen attempts to draw parallels between Hitler’s own subjective aesthetic views and his systematic extermination of millions of European Jews.

“Using archival footage and documents, familiar and unfamiliar, Cohen marshals his arguments and his evidence masterfully” – Washington Post

“A brilliantly written and visualized documentary” – Bright Lights Film Journal

Only open to AA Students and Members. Book your seat using the form below.